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What is Applied AI

Applied AI is BG真人APP下载’s first growth programme for Artificial Intelligence to help the UK’s most promising founders who are applying AI in practical areas and creating real-world impact. The programme is based on peer-to-peer support and the shared experience of later-stage founders, all curated under the values of honesty, intimacy and trust.

We know that scaling an AI company comes with its own set of unique challenges. 这是一个网络,将解开特定的人工智能扩展之旅, 在做过的人的领导下,在志同道合的同龄人的支持下.

因为我们已经结束了应用人工智能项目的第三次征召, you can pre-register your interest to be the first to hear about application opportunities.

Our Applied AI 3.0 cohort

BG真人APP下载’s Applied AI 3.零增长计划又回来了,而且规模比以往任何时候都大. This year’s cohort includes 32 innovative companies which are creating real-world impact by transforming ways of working in various sectors such as Healthcare, Law, Agritech and more. Read more about Applied AI 3.0.


    AI VIVO logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @VivoAi

    AI VIVO结合了系统生物学和机器学习/人工智能, to create an entirely new drug discovery paradigm. By looking beyond single molecular targets, AI VIVO considers the whole cell and provides a new platform to understand cellular dynamical behaviour. The AI VIVO proprietary prediction engine is optimised to predict interventions that change cellular behaviour from dysfunctional behaviours (disease) towards normal behaviours (healthy) significantly faster, cheaper and more accurately.


    AINOSTICS logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @ainostics

    AINOSTICS is an award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) enabled analytics and diagnostics company, 将20多年来世界领先的各种神经疾病诊断研究商业化, such as dementia, multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, brain tumours, traumatic brain injury (TBI) by the company's founding team and globally renowned scientific advisors. 这些解决方案代表着能够提供负担得起的突破, automated, extensible and personalised healthcare platforms for assisting the clinical diagnosis of various hard-to-diagnose tissue modifying neuropathologies. AINOSTICS的目标是成为在这种情况下提供远程监测和临床评估解决方案的全球领导者.

  • Akrivia Health

    Akrivia Health logo

    Artificial Intelligence

    Akrivia Health is a data-driven discovery company, 专注于精神健康和痴呆障碍的真实世界数据. 依靠人工智能和强大的治理, the company brings together engineers, researchers, clinicians, patients and industry to build massive multi-dimensional datasets and powerful analytic tools to accelerate the development of new treatments and service improvements in mental health and dementia.

  • Analytics Engines

    Analytics Engines logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @AnalyticsEng

    Analytics Engines enables organisations to easily and quickly adopt data analytics, machine learning, 将人工智能作为其业务的核心部分,并加速将数据转化为有价值的业务见解和结果. To better enable this, the company has developed an innovative insight and discovery platform MINERVA which seeks to solve a key challenge of understanding complex interrelationships between datasets and surfacing previously unseen (or obfuscated) connections within this data. MINERVA enables users to enhance, query, search and explore their data to find hidden patterns and relationships between individuals, organisations, places and documents to better understand risk, find opportunities, or locate anomalies.

  • askporter

    askporter logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @justaskporter

    Managing places and real assets is time-consuming, high-risk and human resource intensive. Askporter成立的初衷是相信人类的时间是宝贵的. The askporter platform enables people to interact with their real-world environment effortlessly by helping organisations manage their customers, places and real assets autonomously with AI.

  • Conigital

    Conigital logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @conigital

    Conigital is a driverless vehicle & intelligent mobility-as -a-service company offering on demand-driven and (retrofitted) driverless vehicles. Conigital offers a turnkey, 将CAVs自动优化集成到当地的运输系统中. Utilising AI and machine learning techniques, Conigital的集成解决方案改善了资产管理, customer experience and operational efficiency. This means increased safety, higher efficiency and a reduction in wasted time and a significant step towards on-demand MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and FaaS (Freight as a Service) solutions.

  • Deep Planet

    Deep Planet logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @deepplanet3

    Deep Planet, a startup from Oxford University, helps winemakers and growers build resiliency against the effects of climate change. Deep Planet’s VineSignal is a SaaS-based AI platform using satellite imagery and IoT sensor data, to help growers decide where and when to harvest. Deep Planet有助于监测成熟度,预测最佳收获日期,并确定优质区域,以满足高价值葡萄酒的需求. Features include vineyard health monitoring, highly accurate hands-off weekly yield prediction, enhanced irrigation capability, early disease detection, and soil carbon monitoring.

  • Dragonfly AI

    Dragonfly AI logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @dragonflyai_co

    蜻蜓AI是一个预测分析平台,旨在帮助创新, marketing and insights teams improve the effectiveness of content and experiences across any channel. 《BG真人娱乐》利用尖端的神经科学技术,在任何内容中准确、即时地显示出最先吸引观众注意力的内容. 使用基于十年科学研究的算法, Dragonfly AI simulates how attention works in the brain to show instantly what an audience sees first.

  • logo


    自动驾驶汽车(AVs)将成为商业现实, AV developers are starting to realize that they must learn to handle huge numbers of edge cases -- the countless high-risk scenarios which are individually unlikely, but together make up the bulk of the risk. dRISK通过一套全堆栈技术套件解决了这个问题,该套件可以在最多样化的边缘情况集合上训练和测试AVs. This product, 第一次真正的自动驾驶汽车驾驶测试, 是由BG真人APP下载交通部的一项重大拨款资助的.

  • Dyad

    Dyad logo

    Artificial Intelligence

    Dyad正在构建一个人工智能驱动的知识图谱,以增强和加速基于价值的护理的采用. Upon this foundation, 他们开发应用程序,帮助医疗保健提供商优化他们的工作流程,并在按绩效付费方案下实现收入最大化, while payers are able to optimise risk adjustment, revenue cycle management, master member indexing, and more.

  • e-Pharmacy

    e-Pharmacy logo


    The e-Pharmacy API platform works with third-party companies to offer more people access to prescription medication and on-demand pharmacist support. A patient simply needs to go on a website, choose the medication they need, 填写一份简单的健康问卷,并为他们的产品付费. The service empowers patients to take control of their health in a safe and regulated way and, ultimately, 减少更广泛的医疗保健系统的疾病负担.

  • Eebz

    Eebz logo

    Artificial Intelligence

    Salesforce doesn’t work for retail sales. Eebz是一种以数据为基础的方法,帮助品牌提高零售销售额. eebz从零售商的网站和API获取数据,然后使用人工智能向向这些零售商销售产品的团队提出建议.

  • Etiq AI

    Etiq AI logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @etiqai

    Etiq is developing a software solution that enables businesses to identify and mitigate biases, 在所有自动化决策系统中,哪些是固有的. Founded in 2019 (London, UK), Etiq’s product comprises algorithms that assess how robust the models employed by their business clients are, 基于对构成AI解决方案中公平性和准确性的最佳实践定义的因素的深刻理解. Etiq’s analysis, 测试和建模过程能够提供独特的创新解决方案,以减轻所发现的偏见, resulting in greater market opportunities, 降低了客户的合规和声誉风险.

  • Future Anthem

    Future Anthem logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @futureanthem

    Future Anthem是游戏数据科学领域的市场领导者. The company uses machine learning to provide actionable intelligence to help their customers grow responsibly with measurable improvements that enhance the player experience for everyone. Future Anthem’s AI solutions personalise and protect the player experience in real-time. 该公司还帮助运营商和游戏工作室将数据应用于产品设计决策和优化性能. Future Anthem calls this Game Data Science.

  • Gendius

    Gendius logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @intellin_

    Gendius’ mission is to be the World’s leading solution provider at preventing and managing the complications of Chronic Disease through the use of AI. Gendius has developed algorithms from 10 year longitudinal data sets that enable earlier identification of an individual’s risk of developing complications and earlier intervention by the healthcare team and patient. Gendius的团队开发了一个获奖的平台, Intellin(R), 将算法直接交付给医疗团队和患者.

  • Headlight AI

    Headlight AI logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @headlightai

    Headlight AI’s vision is to be the leading company globally in the development and deployment of smart digitalisation and assessment tools for critical infrastructure across Utilities, Transport, and Construction. Headlight AI’s mission is to help organisations digitise and assess their critical infrastructure, across the most extreme environments, in all weather conditions, any time of day, above and below ground. 该公司从地下环境起步, 并将传感器和电子设备与专有软件整合在一起,使机器人能够在不安全或对人类具有挑战性的地方进行操作, 从而改善数据收集期间的健康和安全, 并为基础设施的检查和维护提供可扩展的解决方案,增强调查信息. This can ensure projects run on time, on budget, all whilst reducing carbon emissions.

  • Humanloop

    Humanloop logo

    Humanloop是一个低代码平台,可以快速构建最先进的自然语言人工智能模型,并立即部署它们. Using Humanloop, 软件团队可以在几小时内完成之前需要几周时间的工作,并节省数万美元的注释成本和数据科学专业知识.

  • Hyper Group

    Hyper Group logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @hyperstrategy

    Hyper利用人工智能和数据科学帮助零售商和品牌了解客户和产品之间的深层关系, 并使他们能够利用这种洞察力赚取更多利润, customer-led decisions about product range, pricing and personalisation. 这是通过结合人工智能的SaaS平台实现的 & 数据科学,商业智能和决策智能. Hyper让非技术人员能够发现强大的洞察力,并通过高度直观的方式做出更好的决定, visual user interface, 减少招聘昂贵且难以找到的数据科学家的需求.

  • iamYiam

    iamYiam logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @iamYiam

    iamYiam is an award-winning, personalised digital platform focused on preventing physical and mental health problems. 考虑到全球医疗成本为8万亿美元,其中6美元.1万亿只与可预防或可管理的疾病有关, the company aims to empower people to manage or prevent diseases and mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, back-pain, hypertension and depression. Combining big health data, artificial intelligence and genetic and academic research covering more than 2.5 million clinical trial subjects, iamYiam delivers a personalised, 由sydTM促成的注重绩效的健康计划, a personalised AI companion. Alongside this, the iamYiam LifeQuality Index measures impact in preventive health using data insights to deliver a personalised-health recommender-engine and population-insight health dashboard for outcomes-based health planning.


    KYMIRA logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @KYMIRAsport

    KYMIRA是智能可穿戴纺织行业的创新者. 它将人工智能与尖端电子纺织品(两者都是内部开发的)结合起来,提供改变游戏规则的医疗解决方案. KYMIRA's garments aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on healthcare providers.

  • LiberEat

    LiberEat logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @LiberEatApp

    LiberEat makes food safer and easier for people with dietary restrictions including veganism, vegetarianism, allergies & intolerances. Its unique AI-based technology can identify mistakes in food data from suppliers and its allergen safety technology also significantly outperforms methods used by even the largest food businesses to check the accuracy of allergen information in food labels, menus and supplier data. 消费者应用程序通过提供定制菜单来帮助用户, supermarket grocery options, and recipes, with options filtered by their dietary requirements and their family's requirements. 这款应用还帮助了连锁餐厅等企业, 超市和食品生产商通过使他们更容易接近一个庞大的快速增长的客户群,并提供独特的, industry leading analytics and insights.

  • Micrographia Bio

    Micrographia Bio logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @micrographiaBio

    Micrographia Bio是一家下一代生命科学企业,它将机器学习应用于显微镜技术,以降低药物发现的障碍. Micrographia turns drug discovery on its head; instead of asking the question 'which of these millions of molecules cures this specific disease?' it asks the question: 'for this molecule, which disease is it best suited to cure?'

  • OilX

    OilX logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @OilXs

    OilX counts the world's oil, one barrel at a time with one bold target: zero missing barrels. OilX enables traders and analysts to gain intelligence that is facts-based and helps them to draw conclusions faster via intuitive and accurate real-time oil data analytics and market intelligence reports that facilitate confident decision-making. With OilX, 交易员和分析师对全球石油市场有了全面的了解,这使他们能够把更多的时间花在交易上,而不是分析上, and make better, faster, data-driven decisions as a result.

  • Optimal

    Optimal logo

    Artificial Intelligence

    Modern greenhouses are critical to the future of agriculture but the industry cannot scale to meet demand due to the reliance on highly-skilled growers. Optimal的自主生长系统克服了这最后一个障碍, 推动全球快速向温室农业过渡. By 2030, Optimal will be a technology-enabled operator of 60 greenhouses with revenue of $3bn.

  • PharmEnable

    PharmEnable logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @@PharmEnable

    PharmEnable是一家人工智能药物研发公司,通过绘制未开发的化学空间,解锁具有挑战性的目标. It reproduces the specificity of biologics in the powerful form of a small molecule. The company is passionate about making a difference to patients through developing life-changing drugs.

  • Robin AI

    Robin AI logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @@RobinAI_UK

    Robin AI是一家法律技术公司,使用机器学习等软件自动审查和修改法律合同. A 'human-in-the-loop' approach uses a combination of AI and expert human reviewers to ensure that documents are processed with the quality of a lawyer but faster and at a fraction of the cost. 该公司一直专注于私募股权和M&在这个行业中,处理大量的、日常的但重要的文件是交易过程中的一个真正的痛点.

  • Sparkbox

    Sparkbox logo

    Artificial Intelligence

    Sparkbox是一个帮助零售商销售更多库存的云应用程序, 通过优化他们的定价和销售决策更有利可图. 它将机器学习和预测分析与一个简单的规划应用程序结合起来,帮助繁忙的零售团队利用他们的数据, understand the impact of their decisions, and maximise the value of their inventory. Sparkbox is relevant for ecommerce and physical retail - in a most recent trial the company onboarded a £800m retailer in 34 days and improved their sale profit by more than 50%.

  • TOffeeAM

    TOffeeAM logo

    Artificial Intelligence | @@ToffeeAm

    TOffeeAM software optimises engineering component designs to achieve the highest possible performance. 该公司专门从事流体结构拓扑优化, with applications in heat exchanges, robust optimisation and valves. 生产的复杂设计可以使用增材制造.

  • TurinTech

    TurinTech logo


    TurinTech是进化AI优化领域的领导者. 它的愿景是通过多目标优化实现整个数据科学生命周期的自动化,从而使企业能够有效地扩展人工智能. 它旨在用最少的人力推动企业人工智能转型, at large scale, high speed and low cost.

  • Versed AI

    Versed AI logo


    Versed AI uses natural language processing to map companies' multi-tiered supply chains by processing vast quantities of publicly available text documents. Understanding extended supply chains is important for managing disruption risk, reputational risk, 以及2015年《BG真人APP下载》等合规风险.

  • Waymark Tech

    Waymark Tech logo


    威标科技为高度监管行业的组织提供监管智能解决方案. The cost of complying with regulations continues to increase and represents a growing burden on businesses; compliance practitioners identify their biggest challenge to be managing and coping with regulatory change. The platform is an award-winning, 自然语言处理解决方案,帮助法规遵循团队大大减少他们当前的手工过程, improve oversight and provide transparency.


    WILD.AI logo


    Biologically, women are not the same as men - but the medical research world fails to accommodate this. 80%的医学研究仍然只在雄性老鼠身上进行. WILD.人工智能对女性健康的广泛研究被翻译成一款应用程序, serving women from menstruation to menopause.

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What does the programme include?


为期6个月的11次紧凑的洞察会议,由后期创始人提供, all focused on key scaling challenges.


Meetups and dinners to better get to know your peers and connect you to relevant guests across VC, corporates and more




亲密的网络会议充满了志同道合的同龄人的支持, covering AI-specific scaling topics and insight. 

Who is the programme for?

To be eligible, 你的公司可以专注于从移动到制造的任何事情, from e-commerce to healthcare, 但你的产品必须解决一个明确的、实际的问题.

The eligibility criteria:

  • Have headquarters in the UK
  • Have Artificial Intelligence at the core of your value proposition and your key product, not an excess feature
  • Seed to Series A* (or no more than £1.5m annual recurring revenue)
  • Take into account ethical considerations

*No agencies or consultancies

What people think about the programme

“AI-first companies face some unique challenges, 从信任和道德,到与咨询和软件相结合的商业模式. BG真人APP下载的应用人工智能项目为我们提供了一个讨论这些共同挑战和分享解决方案的平台. The exposure to experts, 整个项目的教练和导师都非常有帮助,并提供了一个真正的机会来建立有价值的网络.”

Dev Amratia, Co-Founder and CEO at nPlan

“Businesses built on AI are always challenging and have the potential for real disruption. However, you need a very special environment to foster the right combination of technical, scientific, and entrepreneurial talents. That’s why the personal guidance and experience on offer through initiatives like BG真人APP下载’s Applied AI programme are so valuable to founders. I’m looking forward to reviewing the entries for this year’s cohort and wish all applicants every success.

Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO, Cervest

Our programme partner

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & 罗萨蒂的遗产紧密地追溯了硅谷的诞生和发展. For more than six decades, the firm has represented the technology pioneers associated with virtually every milestone innovation. Today, 威尔逊·松西尼是引见前途的同义词, 创新公司通过他们的商业生命周期.

Judging Panel


Pre-register your interest

Although applications are currently closed, you can still register your interest in the programme by filling in the form below.

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