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BG真人APP下载 Report 2022

16 March 2022: Now in its seventh year, the report highlights how the sector has changed, who the top performers were through the year, 以及BG真人APP下载在摆脱疫情和离开欧盟过程中所面临的挑战和机遇——BG真人APP下载科技状况报告.

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Net Zero Report 2022

过去一年,BG真人APP下载零净值BG真人娱乐的总价值从24美元增长了近一倍.4bn to $47.6bn, new BG真人APP下载 research has shown.

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Diversity in UK Fintech Report 2022

一项探索BG真人APP下载金融科技员工种族多样性的新研究由BG真人APP下载’s公司出品 Fintech Delivery Panel (FDP) with the support of GoCardless and Fintrail, 是否就金融BG真人娱乐和整个行业需要采取的有针对性的行动发起了重要的对话.

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UK Tech Growth in H1 2022

UK tech investment has bounced back from Covid-19 in the first half of 2022, setting the scene for a record-breaking year. Startups and scaleups raised £13.5bn during the six-month period, almost three times what was invested in the first six months of 2020, creating 20 new tech ‘unicorns’ in the process.

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The UK Tech Guide For Global Talent

这份报告深入探讨了全球人才在BG真人APP下载科技生态系统中建立有回报的职业甚至自己的企业的机会. This includes learning about the tech jobs and skills in high demand, as well as highlighting who’s relocating to work in UK tech right now

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The UK Healthtech Hub

随着新兴和成熟技术不断颠覆和改变现有行业, leading UK companies are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges, in areas like health. 发现Healthtech First 100,一个准备与您合作的BG真人APP下载先锋公司的目录. 

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The CreaTech Report 2022

16 Mar 2022: Creativity and technology have, however, never been inextricable. 这个简报是映射CreaTech(创造力和技术的交叉点)的两个阶段报告的第一部分. This stage will focus on the industrial definition of CreaTech, 利用公司层面的数据来约束和探索BG真人APP下载经济的这一新兴领域.

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Scale Ratio 2022

2022年1月27日:规模比率报告探索了规模化BG真人娱乐的成长阶段, from seed to late-stage – across UK cities and sectors.

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Global Talent Report

19 Nov 2020: The BG真人APP下载 Global Talent Report is a deep dive into the scale, impact and importance that Global Talent has in the UK’s tech ecosystem.

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Jobs and Skills Report

9 Sep 2020: 《BG真人娱乐》深入探讨了BG真人APP下载科技行业正在招聘的人员和招聘方式. 它从全国和地区的角度,概述了从职位需求到薪资预期的所有方面.

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Net Zero Report

8 Sep 2020: The Net Zero Report 2020 digs deep into the global state of the net zero sector, investigating how the UK compares to global numbers, 我们适应绿色技术的速度有多快,我们的第一批零净值成员也有多快.

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Unlocking Global Tech Report 2020

3 Sep 2020: 《BG真人娱乐》调查了BG真人APP下载数字技术出口的价值,并探讨了COVID-19后数字技术公司在世界各地不同地区扩张和扩大规模的机遇和挑战.

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UK tech ecosystem update

10 Jun 2020: Figures compiled by BG真人APP下载 and Dealroom for the Digital Economy Council show that investors continue to back some of the UK’s most promising tech teams, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19.

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UK tech leads global growth in 2019

15 Jan 2020: 今年,BG真人APP下载科技行业的投资飙升至10英镑,这也是创纪录的一年.1bn ($13.2 billion) in 2019. VC investment growth exceeded 40% for the third year in a row, with UK tech growing faster than France, Germany, Israel, the US and China.

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US and Asian investment in UK tech skyrockets

21 Aug 2019: $6.7 billion was been invested in UK tech companies in the first seven months of 2019, with more than half ($3.7bn) of these investments coming from the US and Asia. The top 30 foreign-funded companies have created more than 5,000 UK jobs

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A Bright Tech Future

12 Jun 2019: High-value tech jobs boom outside London. In groundbreaking new research, our analysis shows that 2.1m people are employed in the UK’s digital tech sector. In five UK cities – Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, 贝尔法斯特和纽卡斯尔——超过10%的人口从事数字技术工作.

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The Unicorn Update

10 Jun 2019: A year on from when we first reported 与Dealroom合作,为政府的数字经济委员会(Digital Economy Council)讨论BG真人APP下载科技独角兽公司, 据透露,去年BG真人APP下载创造了13家新的独角兽公司——估值超过10亿美元的私人BG真人娱乐, 在创建快速增长的全球BG真人娱乐方面,BG真人APP下载排名第三,仅次于美国和中国.

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Data Commons of UK tech

4 Jun 2019: In collaboration with Dealroom, 这个具有开创性的国家科技产业数据库为BG真人APP下载快速发展的创新经济提供了360度的视角. It includes detailed information on individual technology businesses, founders, investors, VC funds, angels, accelerators, universities and service providers to the sector.

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BG真人APP下载 Report 2019

14 May 2019: This report presents UK tech on the global stage. 这表明,BG真人APP下载是全球科技生态系统的关键中心,也是一个强大的经济执行者.

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Tech for Social Good in UK tech

24 Apr 2019我们发现,BG真人APP下载在社会责任技术创新方面是全球中心. ‘Tech for social good’ companies were worth £2.3 billion in 2018, 营业额为7.32亿英镑,超过了BG真人APP下载消费电子产品制造所产生的金额(6.34亿英镑)。.

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Diversity and inclusion in UK tech companies

30 Oct 2018我们发现,BG真人APP下载BG真人娱乐董事的多样性状态是不平衡的, and for the first time this research backs up with data-based findings, anecdotal reports of unrepresentative directorship.

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Artificial Intelligence: mapping global AI

4 Oct 2018: BG真人APP下载 and data.世界携手合作,绘制人工智能业务和创新的全球地图.  该领域的变化速度带来了一个具有挑战性但可能具有很高回报的商业环境,在这个时候,这项研究提供了清晰的思路.

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UK tech leads European success in 2018

20 Dec 2018: It has been another remarkable year for UK tech, BG真人APP下载再次吸引了比欧洲其他任何地方都多的风险资本投资, with £6.3bn ($7.9bn) in funding from investors.

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UK’s leadership in European tech accelerates

23 Oct 2018请看《BG真人娱乐》的报道根据一项准备的研究,BG真人APP下载目前有15家“独角兽”公司,6个城市产生了所谓的“独角兽”——价值10亿美元的BG真人娱乐 BG真人APP下载 and the Government’s Digital Economy Council by

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BG真人APP下载 Report 2018

17 May 2018: BG真人APP下载’s flagship report, the state of the UK tech nation, found that UK sigital tech expanding 2.6x faster than the rest of the UK economy in 2017. 2017年,数字科技行业对BG真人APP下载经济的价值接近1840亿英镑,高于2016年的1700亿英镑. And the UK has digital suburbs not just cities.

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BG真人APP下载 Talent Reports 

Oct 2017-Feb 2018: 由三部分组成的系列报告,介绍BG真人APP下载科技行业的人才和技能动态.

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Northern Tech 100 League Table

1 Jun 2018:“北方科技100强”排行榜列出了北方发展最快的100家BG真人娱乐, celebrating some of the region’s most exciting startups and scaleups.

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Northern Investment Index

20172017年是有记录以来北方科技投资最强劲的一年——共筹集了4.32亿英镑,完成了113笔单独交易, according to the Tech North Investment Index report.

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